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Value of Fear Appeal in Marketing Communication

What is the value of fear appeal in marketing messages? Is this a fair way to market to consumers? Why or Why Not? What alternatives could be available for a marketing strategy?

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"Fear is an emotional response to a threat that expresses, or at least implies some sort of danger. Advertisements sometimes used fear appeals to evoke this emotional response and arouse individuals to take steps to remove the threat." - Belch & Belch

Fear appeal can be used to communicate that what a person is doing is wrong and may harm him/her.

One theory suggests that a curvilinear relationship exists between the level of fear in a message and acceptance of the message or persuasion by the message. This means that as the level of fear increases, the persuasion or acceptance increases to a certain point beyond which the level of acceptance or persuasion decreases.

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The solution provides a brief description of the fear appeal and its value and utility using the Anand-Keller and Block Model and Protection Motivation Model. Along with this, the fairness of fear appeal and other alternatives for Marketing Strategy have been discussed briefly. There is a reference also which includes a YouTube link to understand fear appeal.