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    Healthcare Operational Process Management

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    Health care organizations (HCOs) often struggle not only with performance improvement but also with effectively communicating performance improvement results to their internal and external stakeholders. It is equally important to communicate your successes externally for marketing and internally, to your staff, to continue to build on your successes. The messaging to these two groups, however, is very different.

    I need to either select a health care organization that has demonstrated successful outcomes in clinical quality, or create a fictitious HCO and discuss the following:

    • Describe the specific successes and the initiatives that led to the success.
    • Develop a communications strategy to achieve effective and efficient communication of operational and clinical performance data and performance improvement initiatives.

    • Include a plan for strategic messaging in communications to employees (to effect change) and communications to the general public (for marketing purposes).

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    Applying STAAR Interventions in Incremental Bundles: Improving Post-CABG Surgical Patient Care. Academic Journal (includes abstract) Bates, Ondrea L.; O'Connor, Nancy; Dunn, Deborah; Hasenau, Susan M.; Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 2014 2nd Quarter; 11(2): 89-97. (9p) (Journal Article - forms, research, tables/charts) ISSN: 1545-102X AN: 104063163, Database: CINAHL

    • Describe the specific successes and the initiatives that led to the success.

    The specific successes and initiatives entailed within the outcomes of clinical care were that the hospital was able to reduce the rate of patients being re-hospitalized before 30 days after CABG surgery. To accomplish this significant clinical improvement, the hospital implemented STARR Interventions in incremental bundles wherein the initiative entailed educating ...

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    Healthcare operational process management is examined.