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    Risk Analysis and Assessment Procedures in Healthcare

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    What are some of the procedures for analyzing risk within healthcare organizations? What are some of the procedures for performing a risk assessment in order to meet compliance standards?

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    First and foremost in the healthcare industry as in most industries the procedure one would use to analyze risk would begin with an internal audit. Since the risks that could be present in a health care system are numerous there also are many ways to determine and select the ones to analyze during your assessment process. Generally you would want to look at operational, compliance, financial, environmental, clinical and reputational risks. The process or procedure would begin with developing questions. Relevant questions would include:

    1. CDM (Charge Description Master: Does the organization review this area regularly to ensure charges are captured correctly? Does the organization have someone to coordinate the coding and charge information since it can frequently change which could cause the organization to ...

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    Risk Analysis within a healthcare organization requires assessments. This response provides some of the procedures used to analyze risk and procedures used to perform a risk assessment.