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    Apple Ipod Touch vs Sony PSP

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    Which device has more features, Apple Ipod Touch or Sony PSP? Explain.

    What are the features of each one? Which is better?

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    Apple Ipod Touch or Sony PSP:


    Portable players should be just that - easy to carry, lightweight, with a well designed user interface (UI).

    The most aesthetically pleasing device is the iPod touch. Apple's device deserves special mention - at only 8mm thick and impossibly light, it looks like a vision of the future.

    The PSP has put function before form, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The re-designed PSP has a low-cost plastic feel but it is much, much lighter than the original machine and can now sit comfortably in a jacket pocket.

    In terms of UI the iPod touch is the standout device - its touch screen interface is a revelation and rewrites the rules for mobile devices. Whether its skimming through hundreds of songs, cover art for albums, contact information or video files, it is a delight to use.

    The PSP's interface is very clean but quickly becomes unwieldy if more than a handful of songs or video files are stored on it.


    If one were to look at the raw specifications it would show that the iPod comes out on top, followed by the PSP.

    The brighter of the two screens is the iPod, which looks vibrant, with the various menu buttons almost bursting off the screen.

    When it comes to ...

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    This posting compares the features of an Apple Ipod Touch and a Sony PSP on the basis of design, video, audio, web browsing etc.