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Product Lifecycle of Ipod, Hummer & Playstation: Marketing

Identify the current Product Life cycle stage of the following 3 products, their marketing activities and it's effectiveness . Provide recommendation for additional actions

the 3 products are :

1. Ipod
2. Hummer
3: Playstation

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The Ipod is in the maturity stage of the product life cycle. The brand is being differentiated and diversified by the addition of the Ipod touch, different colors, and additional features. Prices have dropped since the initial introduction of the product. Also, there is more competition for the product, even from Apple itself (the Iphone, Ipad). Back in 2008 there was a feeling of market saturation (http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008/jan/23/ipod.apple) however Apple was able to combat this by adding additional features to the product and improving the design. Apple has taken the Ipod and jettisoned multiple products (touch, phone, shuffle) and sub-products (apps, cases, accessories) from the product. Additional actions would be to continue to feed the desire for alluring products: changing the design, adding additional colors, patterns, and retiring the old to add to the sense of a collector's item. Adding more storage space is also a plus as well as the ability to utilize the device to play even more games and become more interactive between multiple users. In this manner Apple can retain their margin, gain additional customers, and incite current ...

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This solution outlines the current product life cycle stage of the Ipod, Hummer, and Playstation, outlining their marketing activities and their effectiveness. It includes links and examples.