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Apple Ipod: Important information about Brand Strategy

1. What's "the point of parity" and point of difference in the position of the iPod brand at the time the iPod was launched?
2. How did this "point of parity" change from the introduction of the iPod until today? How did this affect the attractiveness of the iPod brand?
3. Identify and examine key brand features ("Brand elements") of the iPod brand.

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1. The key "point of difference" in the positioning of Ipod Brand by Apple was its "cool" factor. It was placed as a product of the present generation and presented a picture of "coolness". Commenting on the fad that iPod had created, John Zhang, Professor, Wharton University said, "All MP3 players do the same thing, but nobody else has the 'cool' factor of iPod. It's a status symbol: You're young, cool, vigorous if you have one".

Therefore, the "coolness" or "funky" nature of Ipod was leveraged as a strong point of difference. Another point of difference, apart from the design element that made it look cool and funky, was its ability to download legal digitial music from its itune site, which was a unique concept at that time. It was another "point of difference" for Ipod. Further, the design elements such as patented ...

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