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Apple's iPod

How did the performance of the iPod vary from its original projections?

How did these variations impact the stakeholders?

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Apple's iPod entry into the market proved successful, at first, but its sales are continually plummeting.
Apple (in 2007) announced that "the 100 millionth iPodĀ® has been sold, making the iPod the fastest selling music player in history". The entry of iPod in the music industry proved promising for both Apple Corporation and the leading music companies in the world.

For Apple, iPod brings in the needed millions of dollars in sales through the initiative of its CEO, Steve Jobs, and made the company lead in the music player consumer products.

For the leading music label like Sony, EMI, Warner, and Universal Music Group, the Apple iPod minimized illegal downloading of music since Apple's online facilities require that user must pay online. Such fees go to Apple which in turns pays the music labels their royalty fees.

Shontell (2011) published that "now that iPhones have essentially become iPods and other touchscreen devices like iPads ...

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This solution discusses the performance of the iPod and it varies from its original projections and how these variations impact the stakeholders.