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Quality improvement program for Dell

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1. Write a paragraph outlining how a manufacturer of personal computers such as Dell Computer can benefit from the introduction of a quality improvement program.

2. The two basic aspects of quality are quality of design and conformance quality. Define and give an example of each.

3. Actual costs are
a. the costs incurred.
b. budgeted costs.
c. estimated costs.
d. forecasted costs.

4. The general term used to identify both the tracing and the allocation of accumulated costs to a cost object is
a. cost accumulation.
b. cost assignment.
c. cost tracing.
d. conversion costing.

5. The collection of accounting data in some organized way is
a. cost accumulation.
b. cost assignment.
c. cost tracing.
d. conversion costing.

6. Cost-volume-profit analysis is used PRIMARILY by management
a. as a planning tool.
b. for control purposes.
c. to prepare external financial statements.
d. to attain accurate financial results.

7. A revenue driver is defined as
a. any factor that affects costs and revenues.
b. any factor that affects revenues.
c. only factors that can influence a change in selling price.
d. only factors that can influence a change in demand.

8. Which of the following statements about net income (NI) is TRUE?
a. NI = operating income plus nonoperating revenue.
b. NI = operating income plus operating costs.
c. NI = operating income less income taxes.
d. NI = operating income less cost of goods sold.

9. Job costing information is used
a. to develop strategies.
b. to make pricing decisions.
c. for external financial reporting.
d. for all of the above.

10. Product costing information is used by managers
a. to make decisions and strategy.
b. for planning and control.
c. for cost management.
d. for all of the above.

11. Assigning direct costs to a cost object is called
a. cost allocation.
b. cost assignment.
c. cost pooling.
d. cost tracing.

12. __________ is the process of distributing indirect costs to products.
a. Cost allocation
b. Job cost recording
c. Cost pooling
d. Cost tracing

13. Which of the following includes both traced direct costs and allocated indirect costs?
a. Cost tracing
b. Cost pools
c. Cost assignments
d. Cost allocations

14. If products are alike, then for costing purposes
a. a simple costing system will yield accurate cost numbers.
b. an activity-based costing system should be used.
c. multiple indirect-cost rates should be used.
d. varying demands will be placed on resources.

15. A company produces three products; if one product is overcosted then
a. one product is undercosted.
b. one or two products are undercosted.
c. two products are undercosted.
d. no products are undercosted.

16. Uniformly assigning the costs of resources to cost objects when those resources are actually used in a nonuniform way is called
a. overcosting.
b. undercosting.
c. peanut-butter costing.
d. department costing.

17. Too high a price may
a. deter a customer from purchasing a product.
b. increase demand for the product.
c. indicate supply is too plentiful.
d. decrease a competitor's market share.

18. Quality management provides an important competitive edge because it
a. reduces costs.
b. increases customer satisfaction.
c. often results in substantial savings and higher revenues in the short run.
d. does all of the above.

19. Quality of design measures how closely the characteristics of products or services match the needs and wants of customers. Conformance quality
a. measures the same things.
b. is the performance of a product or service according to design and product specifications.
c. is making the product according to design, engineering, and manufacturing specifications.
d. focuses on fitness of uses from a customer perspective.

20. Preventive equipment maintenance is an example of
a. prevention costs.
b. appraisal costs.
c. internal failure costs.
d. external failure costs.

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1. Write a paragraph outlining how a manufacturer of personal computers such as Dell Computer can benefit from the introduction of a quality improvement program.

As per Wikipedia, "Quality management can be considered to have four main components: quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. Quality management is focused not only on product/service quality, but also the means to achieve it. Quality management therefore uses quality assurance and control of processes as well as products to achieve more consistent quality."

We need to understand that quality improvement is an important component of quality management. Thus it would be really useful for Dell to introduce quality improvement . Let us first know about Dell.

As per msn, "Dell Inc. (Dell), Dell Inc. (Dell) is a technology company that offers a range of technology product categories, including mobility products, desktop personal computers (PCs), software and peripherals, servers and networking products, storage and services. Its services include a range of configurable information technology and business services, including infrastructure technology, consulting and applications, and product-related support services. Dell operates in four global business segments: Large Enterprise, Public, Small and Medium Business, and Consumer. It designs, develops, manufactures, markets, sells, and supports a range of products and services that can be customized to individual customer requirements. "
Dell is one of the leaders of the computer industry in the world. Its Revenue in 2010 was $61.6 billion and net profit is $3.24 billion. Now We need to know about the significance of quality improvement at Dell. Dell can use following measures of quality improvement:
1) Six sigma
2) ISO 9000
4) Quality circle
5) TQM

Benefits of Quality improvement program:
1) It helps in improving the quality of processes and reducing the costs
2) It helps in optimal utilization of resources
3) It helps in focussing on the core competences of the ...

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