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    Business Analysis of British Airways

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    Please address the following questions about British Airways:

    - How may a project management approach enhance the effectiveness of operational optimization efforts?
    - How must organizations quantitatively and qualitatively measure the implementation of operational optimization strategies?
    - What key operating measures must be included in an evaluation of changes in operational effectiveness?
    - How may information technology and decision support systems support the assessment of operations?
    - How could the organization define the parameters, levels of accountability, and validation for each level?
    - How would the results of this assessment affect the plan to support modifying the strategy to address changes in the global economy?

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    The business goal is presenting a high quality service for the targeted demographic audience. In doing so, the operative measures relates towards evaluating processes to actual production output in serving the designated consumer. Let's take a look at some core areas of concerns:

    - How may a project management approach enhance the effectiveness of operational optimization efforts?

    Business organization's strategy of operations depends on utilizes resources effectively to delivering the product and/or service to the marketplace on time. Thus, the project management approach enhances a methodology to managing resources and employee work staff for assigning accountability on certain tasks. In the case study of British Airways, the project management approach provides the means to account for shortcomings in productivity, resources expenditures, and employee work staff. When the project is improving the internal departments, the project management concepts protocols offer a framework for managers and staff to follow according procedures that deliver an efficient operation of tasks. Some key areas of elements delivering enhance and effective operational optimization output:

    1. Project management offers a centralized operative to clearly outlining a detailed tasks or a projection of estimated start and finish date for timely delivery of final project, thus, the optimization in resources and time allocation is kept on target of project.

    2. The accountability in assigning tasks activities for promoting the next project phase for meeting the overall organizations goal. (Try and think of the aim for accountability in assigning tasks as a way to using project management approach to quickly assert to which team member is responsible for completing a designated project tasks).

    3. Management is constantly involved during the project management approach strategy for assuring the timeframes of project phases for completion. (Try and think of the role of management to effectively leading the improvement protocols to delivering a more innovated company through using project management approaches. Timely deliveries of set phases [new ticket registrations and kiosks centers] that provides a more productivity operations long-term).

    Keep in mind, the role project management approaches offers a way to ...

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    Business analysis of British Airways is examined. How a project management approach enhances the effectiveness of operational optimization efforts is determined.