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perspective of an international management

what is the perspective of an international management consultant called in to advise a major organization about current issues affecting its ability to optimize operations in today's economy or changes needed to enhance operations management in the future, and providing details of an organization and its background.

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Operations management is the business area that is concerned with production of products and services and has responsibility to ensure that business operations are efficient in terms of using as minimum resources as possible for production of goods and services and effective in terms of meeting customer requirements.
British Airways has been the market leader in United Kingdom air line operations till last decade when due to intense competition the market share of the airline got reduced. BA was formed in 1974 by combination of British overseas Airways Corporation and British European Airways Corporation. The merger contributed to over staffing due to which there was downsizing of 40% of its staff. The airline is based at Heathrow Airport in London, one of the busiest Airports in the world. Till 1984 the airline had a reactive style of operational and personnel management. During 1987 technical workshops gave suggestion to senior management of BA to use total quality management program to improve operational efficiency. With TQM as focus the management got involved in transforming BA from engineering to market-driven organization. So far there have been four factors which have contributed to BA's success ("British Airways should focus..., n.d):
• Ongoing cost reduction
• Excellent customer service ...

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