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    International Business for Forms

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    1. What are the companies major strengths from an international perspective.
    2. What are the companies major weaknesses from an international perspective.
    3. What global opportunities can you identify for the company.
    4. What challenges does the company face globally.
    5. What type of international strategy going forward for them makes the most sense and what changes would you suggest using at least three concepts from your text book. For example, what type of JVor acquisition might they look at, how might they change their product line, how might they modify their marketing approach, what type of organizational control and management systems would be appropriate, etc.

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    1. What are the company's major strengths from an international perspective?

    The company's major strengths from an international perspective are full control over local operations and decision making. Further, the sales are spread in several countries and continents. In addition, the company has a network of 600 sales offices. The other strengths of the company include the ability to produce innovative products and efficiency in production through a standardization of process. The company has developed responsiveness to local needs through innovation. In this manner the company has been able to combine the benefits of standardization with responsiveness to local market needs. The company gains competitive advantage because the sales and marketing personnel study the needs of the customers and provide responses that are custom made for their local customers. From an international perspective Forms Inc gains competitive advantage because its local personnel seek opportunities for standardization so that the company gains from economies of scale.

    2. What are the company's major weaknesses from an international perspective?

    Forms Inc major weaknesses are the weak co-ordination between production and customer service and marketing and sales. The ...

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