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HR International Strategy

1. Discuss the role of HR management in international strategy (with two articles: Going beyond hiring, firing and compensation and Does your HR management support your International Strategy?)

2. Identify and briefly discuss two important concepts applicable to international business administration.

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1). Role of HR management in international strategy:

As the pace of internationalization has accelerated and become much more common and includes various sizes and types of organizations, the need for cross-cultural awareness and understanding of the daily operations of international businesses has become more important and demanding than ever before. There have been numerous studies conducted and research that discusses the need for individuals and organizations to be cross-culturally sensitive, adaptive, and responsive when managing across national borders. The role of the Human Resources manager is critical to driving the training and development of employees who are working internationally and in cross cultural ...

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The solution discusses the role of HR management in international strategy as well as two important concepts to international business administration. 435 words and 3 references.