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Mergers as a HR Strategy

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Please write a response to the article below, looking at the methodology, gap and key conclusions within especially. Thank you.

The article in question is entitled "Mergers and acquisitions as a human resource strategy: Evidence from US banking firms" and can be found in this online issue: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/journals.htm?issn=0143-7720

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The response provides you a structured explanation of methodology, gap and key conclusions of a research article. It also gives you the relevant references.

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"Mergers and acquisitions as a human resource strategy Evidence from US banking firms"
Bou-Wen Lin and Shih-Chang Hung, Po-Chien Li, International Journal of Manpower
Vol. 27 No. 2, 2006, pp. 126-142


Please say that the data used is from banking industry. Publicly available data was used to test hypotheses. Four variables namely market to book value, relative market to book to S&P 500, return on assets, and earning before interests and taxes margin were used. The independent variable was firm size and the ...

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