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    The HR function in large-scale

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    Please provide a literature review for the following article by critiquing the methodology and stating key findings.

    Björkman, I., & Søderberg, A. M. (2006). The HR function in large-scale mergers and acquisitions: the case study of Nordea. Personnel review, 35(6), 654-670.

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    The HR function in large-scale mergers and acquisitions: the case study of Nordea
    With the increasing focus on mergers & acquisitions the role of HR in the process is in the limelight by many organizations. HR can specially play a critical role in post merger change processes. For this to happen, HR must be given strategic role in the organization rather than being considered a support function. The strategic or non-strategic status of HR is determined both by initiatives taken by its personnel and by expectations and actions of senior executives.
    Human resource constitutes an important source of competitive advantage for an organization. HR functions find their roots back in the 1970s when the HR was associated with labor negotiations and administration of policies and procedures. There are different ways to classify roles played by HR.
    Influential conceptual Model: It was developed by Ulrich who proposed that HR practitioners are people who add value to their organization. The model suggested that HR is responsible for following roles in an organization:
     Administrative Expert: Management of infrastructure of personnel basics
     Employee Champion: Management of employee contribution
     Strategic Partner: Management of strategic human resources issues
     Change Agent: management of change and transformation
    It is expected that role played by HR in general would influence the role played by HR in specific contexts like mergers. To change ...

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    The Human resource functions in large-scales are examined.