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Human resource management and Mercedes-Benz USA

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Using research and specific HRM terminology and definitions, please answer the following questions:

1. Traditionally, HR was viewed as the conscience of the organization and the employee advocate. Now, HR is expected to be a strategic business partner to the CEO and other executives. Are these conflicting and/or competing roles?

2. How can HR contribute to bringing about needed changes in Mercedes-Benz USA?

3. What areas of HR will take on greater importance in the future?

4. Is it critical that only the best performers are employed in an organization (Such as MBUSA)? Why or why not?

5. What are some ways that employers today communicate and document employee performance related-information?

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HR has for long been considered as an overhead. However, there has been an increasing focus of alignment of business strategy with HR strategy. The new HR for the new economy has transformed from being an administrator, gate-keeper, and controller to being a strategic partner, service provider, change agent, and employee champion. Earlier, the majority of the HR bandwidth was consumed with fulfilling administrative function and very little was available for planning & strategy. The new HR spends its majority of bandwidth designing & executing solutions while administration has become a small part of the job. The transformation has been as a result of HR transformation, cultivating a new mindset, and building new capability & capacity. Including human resources with the highest level of management which includes CEO, CFO, and CIO makes sure that there is full participation from all essential departments in decision making. There are many benefits of including HR as strategic business partner:

Profitability: As a strategic business partner, human resource management is able to gain support to enhance employee skills and training them to meet varying business demands. These are the most effective ways to improve productivity and prepare the workforce to meet challenges associated with the working environment.

Funding: As a strategic business partner, human resource management can justify adequate funding for employee activities such as employee development, training, salaries and benefits. It strengthens company's competitive position of attracting and retaining talent.

Perception: With inclusion as a strategic business partner, HR can improve employees' ...

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The expert examines human resource management and Mercedes-Benz USA.

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