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Feasibility / Cost-effective Chart for Kimberly Jones's new luxury car

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Kimberly Jones has saved up $34,000 to buy a new, luxury car...
(a) Draw a cost-effective chart showing regions of feasibility.
(b) With respect to the feasible regions, which car dominates another?
(See attachment for full question)

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The solution presents the cost effective chart and provides several paragraphs of explanation to support the choice.

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Please see the excel chart.
☼ The chart shows the yellow bars that are the regions of feasibility. There are only two options that are in the feasible region that is BMW 5281 and Mercedes Benz E420. The others are eliminated Infiniti is above $34,000 which is the money available, Cadillac DeVille and Chrysler Sebring are below the 85% level.
☼ In the chart, ...

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