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Marketing Positioning Strategy for Maserati

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You are in charge of all marketing activities in North America for the Italian luxury sports car manufacturer Maserati. Maserati has just introduced a new model that will be competing directly against well-known luxury sports cars such as Porsche, Ferrari, Jaguar, and BMW. How would you position the new Maserati model? How would you establish and report this positioning strategy?

Note: Although Maserati equals competitors performance and design, it is a small company and has less money than competitors for promotion

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This solution discusses how to position a new Maserati model to compete with other well-known luxury models.

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I would position the new Maserati in much the same way Apple positioned its products initially, as something different, an option for those that want the very best, only different, newer and fresher. There would obviously be an emphasis on quality, but each of the brand's competitors would also be able to promote their quality, only more so since their budgets are higher. Instead, I would focus on going after a new target customer: the Silicon Valley noveau riche. I would focus my promotional budget on this particular area and work on having the car seen by the right people.

You know how couture designers loan ...

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