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Nuturing an Ethical and Diverse Workplace - MBUSA

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Please help with the following questions in two to three pages in length so that I may apply them to complete my work. Please provide references so that I may use them to further research the response to this posting:

1. Discuss what you have learned about diversity management and nurturing activities in Mercedes-Benz USA. Do you think that MBUSA has a diverse and inclusive workplace? Why?

2. Research diversity-related management and nurturing activities in other real-life, private sector organizations. Specifically give specific examples (naming employers by name). Discuss how those activities might be useful in MBUSA.

***If you cannot find the information you need on MBUSA, instead discuss information from other private-sector organizations. Apply HRM terminology, HRM background readings, research, and business examples of HRM policies, practices, and procedures as they might compare or contrast to MBUSA. Bring in other private sector employers' HRM activities, systems, practices, and procedures as examples that fit this assignment discussion. Cite references where needed.

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The expert examines nuturing an ethical and diverse workplace. The related management and nurturing activities are determined.

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Diversity in Mercedes Benz
Diversity management is the approach to promote different culture, knowledge, perception and values within the organization. Mercedes Benz is the automobile company in USA that basically targets the high class customers. It has included the diversified workforce in order to serve the diversified need of customers. Company has adopted the effective diversity management program in order capture the other market apart from USA. For example, if women drive Mercedes Car, then this company is focused towards capturing more women market (Mercedes Benz Careers, 2012). Mainly, company wanted to get best people working for the company regardless of age, background and gender.
It has been analyzed that diversity is the success factor for MBUSA and it has included the diversity in its internal structure. If the organization has to give tough competition to the rivalry firms then the workforce should be older, more international and also include women in its overall workforce. Inclusive workforce within the company has helped in developing the supportive and healthy working environment (Mercedes Benz, ...

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