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Ethics and Diversity Policies

What are recommendations for the policies for ethics and diversity management in an organization?

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Ethics and Diversity Policies

Maintaining and developing diversity and ethics policies is important for most organizations, in order to increase loyalty and trust not only with employees but also with consumers. Ethics and diversity go hand-in-hand in the workplace by promoting equal opportunities among current and prospective employees, based on merit and not on race, gender or creed. They not only promote non-discrimination standards, but also encourage tolerance and acceptance of differences among employees. An organization can accomplish this through ethics and diversity training, developing an affirmative action plan, inclusion, and hiring new talent. By developing and enforcing ethics and diversity policies, organizations are not only complying with the legal aspects of this issue, they are also attempting to increase any business opportunities in the future through exposure to different cultures, education levels and demographics.

While employing a diverse workforce can be beneficial to an organization, it can also result in many different ethical dilemmas, which proper and effective training can help alleviate. By understanding ...