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    Human Resource: Objectives for hiring an operations manager

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    You are sitting down with the president of the company to discuss the objectives for hiring an operations manager. It is important that you and the president be in agreement so you can do a good job in the recruitment and selection process. Objectives need to reflect the values, ethics, and diversity practices of the company.

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    Following is a list of ideas in no particular order. Consider making an outline of topics and then organizing them by order of importance.

    Since we decided it is a new position, a job analysis is important. With an organizational chart or analysis of the expectations of a particular job, the inherent efficiency in the hiring process means the position itself was considered in relation to the overall objective of the company. Job analysis can be used effectively to determine training needs of the position, define the compensation range for the job, and assess the performance review of the person in the position. Of course, it is also useful as part of the selection process to fill the position.

    The range of responsibility ...

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    The 400+ word solution gives a comprehensive list of subjects that should be explored toward the goal of hiring an operations manager. The solution provides a 'laundry list' of topics that can be organized to recruit and interview candidates for the position.