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Hiring an Operations Manager

You are sitting down with the president of the company to discuss the objectives for hiring an operations manager. It is important that you and the president be in agreement so you can do a good job in the recruitment and selection process. Objectives need to reflect the values, ethics, and diversity practices of the company.

This position will impact everyone in the company. Once this discussion is settled, it needs to be shared with the rest of the senior management team during next week's meeting.

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After reviewing several job listings and information on the internet, the following objectives for hiring an operations manager have been determined:

1. The operations manager should have a strong operations background. While education in the area is important, our company also emphasizes that all employees have technical abilities in the areas in which they work. This person needs to fit this philosophy.

2. The operations manager should have excellent leadership skills as proven by employment and educational background. The individual in this position will be responsible for all operations in the state and will ...

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