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Human Resource/staffing managers and Hiring Decisions

How would you define a "bad hiring decision" in the private sector? To what degree do you think staffing managers should be held liable for their decisions? Why? As an HR professional, how can you avoid adverse situations occurring relative to the staffing process? Please provide examples.

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I suggest breaking this assignment down into sections and answering each question from your own perspective, research and what you have learned from your course materials. Examples from your own work experience can enhance your responses. Please use my sample below as a guide:

Section 1: "How would you define a "bad hiring decision" in the private sector?"

Sample response: "I would define a bad hiring decision as one where an employee is hired for reasons other than being the right person for the job. The employee may have been hired based on appearance or their relationship with a member of the senior management team at the organization. They may not have the qualifications needed to perform the job, and based on this "bad hiring decision" may have been hired over a more qualified candidate."

Scenario: ABC Corporation has a vacancy for a front line supervisor. Two people interview for the job, one has had five years experience as a supervisor in the same industry. The ...

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Human Resource/staffing managers must make critical decisions about hiring employees that can have long lasting and far reaching effects on the organization. This 650-word solution includes sample responses to each question posed in the assignment. Each sample response also includes a scenario of a real-life situation to illustrate the response in action. The solution concludes with suggestions of steps a hiring manager could take to avoid the adverse hiring decisions included in the sample responses/scenarios.