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    Human Resources: Strategic Staffing Course

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    Decision Making & the Final Match
    1-What roles should HR professionals play in staffing decisions?
    2- How should we determine who should be involved?
    3-This is an interesting question about who should be involved in the final job offer. We really should have a partnership-as in strategic business partner-with the hiring department and the hiring manager. If we are working as consultants to the organization, we are providing the best advice possible to the hiring department and manager. But, it's the old chicken and pig question-are we simply involved or are we committed?

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    HR Professionals who are often times called human resource managers or human resource directors are responsible in ensuring that an organization has adequate number of employees, with appropriate qualifications who are occupying the right positions, placed in the right department /unit, and are performing tasks in which their potentials are optimized and maximized - at any given time.

    Roles that HR professionals should play in staffing decisions
    In relation to staffing or decisions related to placement of employees, a human resource manager must be proactive and could anticipate not only the short - term but more importantly, long-term needs of the organization. As such, the HR professional must play the following roles:
    1. Information analyst
    Using the database (inventory) of employees, and playing the role of an information specialist, the HR professional must be able to give meanings to the pertinent data and convert them into usable information.

    Using bits of information ...

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