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Creative Thinking

I need help with t he following:

Illustrate a viewpoint which you held and altered through reasoning. What were the previous and new viewpoints and which reasoning concepts contributed to arriving at this new vantage point? Also, which invalid assumptions, if any, contributed to your previous stance?

I am looking for a soldid eample relative to critical thinking, about 325 words.

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One view point that I held was that my company was discriminatory in its hiring practice. My view point was supported by two incidents. The first was the hiring of the niece of the vice-president operations of the company. The second was the promotion of a store manager to the position of operations manager of a person; I believed was a close relative of the CEO of the company.
My view point changed when I cam into close contact with the niece of the vice-president operations of the company. Her name was Nancy. I was impressed by her efficiency and the speed with which she resolved issues. The next reason why my perception changed was then I came across the resume of the ...

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