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Ethics and Diversity

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I am looking at any industry and suggestions how to write the proposal

Consideration for Ethics and Diversity Proposal

Choose one or two ethical considerations and one or two diversity considerations affecting your division.

Write a proposal for your HR director. Provide details about what the considerations are. Justify why they were important for your strategic HRM planning process. Provide recommendations for addressing these considerations.

Suggest specific recommendations for best practices for dealing with each consideration. Provide a rationale.

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Solution Summary

This solution two ethics and two diversity issues that are crucial to the success of a company, and a proposal was suggested as well.

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Proposal Outline:

Goals and Objectives: I propose to you today to take a look at the healthcare industry, and consider both ethical and diversity rationales to consider when making your decision to make this organization better. The goal

Brief Account of How the Company Began: This can be a hospital, such as Via Christi Hospital in KS. http://www.via-christi.org/.

Your Company's Goals: The Company's goals to help increase profit. An example: http://www.via-christi.org/body.cfm?id=21.

Service or Product You Plan to Offer:
1. ...

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