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    Management's Role in Promoting Ethics in the Workfoce

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    What are some real-world examples of ethical and unethical leadership that you have encountered while working?

    Discuss a time when you have opposed unethical practices.

    What is the role of ethics in the workplace?

    What are some strategies for working with colleagues who may or may not subscribe to the same ethical standards as you?

    What is the role of a manager in promoting an ethical workplace? In what ways is employee diversity changing the workplace?

    What are some advantages and disadvantages of a more diverse workplace?

    What are some steps you can take to promote diversity at your job?

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    What are some real-world examples of ethical and unethical leadership that you have encountered while working?

    We must first define the word ethics and morality. Many people in the business world have them confused. Ethics and morality are interchangeable. Morality deals with the rules of society and standards of conduct. Society has rules such as Do Not Steal and Do Not Kill. This would be morally wrong. Eating peas with a knife is considered rude and not proper. This breaks society's rules but is not morally wrong. Ethics is concerned with not what people believe, but what we ought to do and is determined by reasoning and moral argument.

    An example of ethical and unethical leaderships is listed below.

    A proprietary college is a school for profit. A private university falls into that category. The Admission's department is run like a sales team. They have a number of students that have to be enrolled each quarter. The University of Profit (a false name to protect the school) has missed their winter quarter enrollment number and must make the number of enrollments up during spring quarter. The Director of Admissions gives her Admissions Representatives' instructions to pull all students that have cancelled in prior quarters and call them to entice them to enroll for the spring. This particular student had been cancelled by the Director of ...

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    This solution discusses management's role in promoting ethics in the workforce. It contains real life examples of ethical and unethical leadership encountered during work. The definitions of morals and ethics are explained with examples listed. An MS Word document is attached for your review.