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The Management's Role in Ethics and Social Responsibility

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I need help figuring out 2 challenges that many companies face in the areas of ethics and 2 challenges in the area of social responsibility. Also need help with identifying the management's role in addressing each of these issues.

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Hi there. I am happy to help you with some ideas regarding your question. I hope you will then be able to take some of these thoughts and incorporate them into your response. Let's start with ethics. One assumption I will make is that we are dealing with a publicly traded firm that is subject to the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley act. This has been one of the most significant ethical issues facing companies as it has required companies to vastly improve their internal controls and level of transparency in financial operations to shareholders and regulators. Management has been directly effected by the law because officers such as the CFO must now sign off on the accuracy of the company's ...

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The management's role in ethics and social responsibility is examined.

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