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    Corporate Culture

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    Describe how corporate culture plays a role in the organization's approach to customer relations and social responsibility?

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    Corporate Culture
    Corporate culture is a term used to refer to an organization's morals, values, business philosophy, customs, ways of operating, and internal work atmosphere (McGraw-Hill Irwin, 2003). Corporate culture includes the integrity and ethics of the company and its staff, along with the philosophy of management and leadership. Many organizations are now focusing on the core values that define their corporate culture instead of concentrating solely on their business processes. This paper will discuss the role of corporate culture in an organization's approach to customer relations and social responsibilities.
    Corporate Culture, Customer Relations, and Social Responsibility
    For a company to succeed, that organization needs to be dedicated to the satisfaction of their customers. A strong organizational culture plays an important role in the development and retention of relationships with customers. Richard S. Gallagher, in his paper Leadership and Corporate Culture, states that there are seven roles that leadership must take on that are important in the development of a strong corporate culture. These roles are strategist, motivator, team builder, customer champion, visionary, being nimble, and being passionate. These roles focus on powerful operational quality, the formation of a constructive working atmosphere, nurturing and motivating human resources, building an infrastructure for transformation, building a service-driven culture, customer support, and leadership that focuses on the goals of the organization (Gallagher, n.d.). To be successful, the organization has to have values. These values must reverberate with human resources, clientele, and the marketplace.
    A customer is more likely to buy your product if they trust you. It has been found that customers may actually even go out of their way to purchase from companies who are perceived to have ...

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    This solution describes how corporate culture plays a role in the organization's approach to customer relations and social responsibility.