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    Social Responsibility & Business Ethics

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    Provide a 400-600-word response that assesses the domain of social responsibility and business ethics for any business you are familiar or one that you have read about. (For example, Jet Blue's new passenger Bill of Rights that it has enacted; also remember to use outside sources as research support for your answers.)

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    Social Responsibility & Business Ethic
    A few years back, social responsibility and business ethics was considers by the business personnel as a term of compliances to administrative and legal standards and internal rules and regulations (Abrugar, 2007). Presently, due to the globalization and highly changing environment, the situation has become different. It has been realized by the all business enterprises and general public that it is essential to gain the confidence of the customers and enhance their satisfaction level. By following social responsibilities and business ethics the companies can earn the confidence level of the customers and employees (Quelch, 2007).
    Business ethics determines the right and wrong actions of the business. It can be examined ...

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