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Social Responsibility and Business Ethics in Healthcare: How US Institutions Perform.

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Question: Social responsibility is the concept that businesses should be at least partly responsible for (and thus bear part of the costs of) the welfare of society at large. Business ethics can be thought of as a company's attitude and conduct towards its employees, customers, community, and stockholders. Discuss your perspective on how the healthcare institutions in the United States rank on these two topics of social responsibility and business ethics.

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Medical practice is commercialized so it is difficult for private physicians and other healthcare providers to reach out to less fortunate members of society and give care. The Affordable Care Act will change the social responsibility of healthcare institutions in part, because more Americans will be covered with healthcare insurance and the overall costs of healthcare should be reduced. In the past, the 1912 version of the AMA Code of Ethics was cited, which stated "it is unprofessional for a physician to dispose of his services under conditions that make it impossible to render adequate service to his patient or which interfere with reasonable competition among the physicians of a community. To do this is detrimental to ...

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This solution discusses how healthcare institutions perform in social responsibility and business ethics. Examples and APA formatted references are provided.

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