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Ethics and Legalities

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- Analyze and explain the state of our legal system in terms of ethics.
- Does our legal system promote good ethics or bad ethics?
- What is the role of judges in promoting good legal ethical practices?
- Please use at least one research site to support your statements.

The deliverable length requirement is five pages in APA format.

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In businesses the aim relates towards conducting in a very ethical way for imposing certain procedures that will reinforces the company's core mission and vision. Thus, in assessing the method and practices for how businesses or governments utilize their ethical standards are within the activities being conducted (LawCornell.edu 2012). Let's take a look into the variety of ways to assess how the legal system instills a proactive effort for ethical standards being conducting within any activity involving others.

Analyze and explain the state of our legal system in terms of ethics:
In recent years, the challenges for conducting ethical standards have improved by imposing more documented negotiations to the overall deal being reached. For instance, the criminal charges leading to felony charges or even misdemeanor requires, in some states, the justification for issuing sentencing. In which, the cases are not being fairly asserted compared to others that are charged leading to an excessiveness in the actual sentencing assertion (LawCornell.edu 2012).

Try and think of the challenges of ethics standards within the legal system that negatively impacts every individual within the judicial overall process. The charged individual, lawyer, victims, jurors, and the judge as the primary entities that if either one conducts unethical activities greatly impacts the system. For instance, the lawyer is a key player within the judicial system that provides either a defense or prosecutes on the basis of the current state law. Thus, the lawyer is obligated to obtaining the following

1. The truth and facts from either the defendant and plaintiff.
a. ...

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