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    Organizational Change and Human Resource Management Function

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    1. Discuss the impact of organizational change on the human resource management function. Offer real-world corporate examples.

    2. Develop a plan for addressing human resource challenges which result from the implementation of organization change. Since there are a myriad of changes taking places in such varied organizations as high tech versus the insurance industry, state the nature of the industry that you are addressing, the types of change related to that industry and a plan.

    3. Explain in detail ideas for how HR should best communicate changes, new legislation, employee problems, etc., to upper management and/or to employees. Be sure too cite your source and offer a real-world example if possible.

    4. Today's managers are increasingly recognizing the importance being given to HRM in today's organizations, but few managers felt this way 5-10 years ago. Discuss one factor that has contributed to these changes?

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    1. Discuss the impact of organizational change on the human resource management function. Offer real-world corporate examples.

    "...There is no single thing a person can do to lead an organization through a change initiative. Communication alone will not do it, no matter how eloquent or persuasive the leader is. Organizational changes alone will not do it, no matter how appropriate they may be or how great an impact they have on the organization. Effective individual participation or teamwork alone will not do it either, no matter how competent or well supported. It is essential to have a formula that synthesizes all of these together."

    In particular, let's take a look at the IBM Corp. What differentiates their Organization Change Strategy in the marketplace is that they "make organization change strategy happen" for our clients. They have and use theories and academic models - but, their solutions, while grounded in such thinking, are applied in a practical and a riskbased context. They give their clients the tools they need to manage change - not just the change at hand, but ongoing change as well. Across the industries and around the world they are performing OCS work on projects of all sizes and with all degrees of complexity. Their work includes change program management for large-scale systems implementations (supply chain, human resource(HR)/payroll systems, etc.); merger and acquisition change management, communications and senior team alignment; business process reengineering organization change support; business transformation outsourcing organization change support; change leadership development and support; shared service backoffice organizations/design; and organization design and governance framework development. An example of the type of project they drive is one performed recently for a large entertainment conglomerate.
    The scope and impact include:
    ? One of the largest business transformation efforts of its kind in the industry?impacting 120,000 people - 42 countries, 11 languages
    ? ERP transformation; ...

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