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    Human Resource Management in Multinational Enterprises

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    I need some help with being able to frame the response to the following:

    Using the concept and application of multicultural management to identify the most critical issues faced by managers with regard to Human resource management in multinational enterprises. Outline solutions to the issues that identified using theories and best practices (listed below). And then cite real-world examples (you may wish to focus on the issues and challenges faced by a particular organisation, but should include more than one organisation in theanalysis). Lastly, consider any ethical implications of both the problems and the solutions that you identify.

    Theories and best practices to be used:

    - International management and culture
    - Theories of culture and cross-cultural management
    - Organizational culture, national culture and negotiating across cultures
    - Managing multicultural teams
    - Culture and international communication
    - Cultural differences in consumer and labour markets
    - Cultural distance and integration in international management
    - Relationships and ethics in cross-cultural management

    This is to examine an issue of multicultural management in greater depth, providing an analysis of the ways in which theory and practice influence management decisions regarding the issue. This is expected to use diverse sources of information and to carry out an original analysis rather than summarise or rehash existing work. If you can use Ingersoll Rand or Trane Airconditioning as an example would be great. About 1000 to 2000 words. Deadline can be extended to July 11 if needed, but would need an outline of the answer by the 9th.

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    Human resource management policies and practices have a substantial impact on a firm's performance. Multicultural management involves a wide array of issues that many organization today face due to the fact of globalization and increase of workplace cultural diversity. In fact, according to Snell & Bohlander (2012, p.4), "Many businesspeople with great business strategies, business plans, and products and services, fail because they do not fully grasp the importance of human resources management". Due to this change and the increase cross-cultural operation of many organizations, this undoubtedly brings to the forefront a wide variety of issues that managers face regarding human resources management. This paper looks at some of those issues and offers a critical analysis.

    One of the most obvious issues that have materialized for human resource mangers is the difference of expectations between individuals of different cultures. For example, while communication in western countries is usually characterized by a low-context framework that depends on explicit communication of directions and rules, other cultures such as eastern cultures depend on high-context rules and expectations. This has created a challenge for human resource managers due to the fact that high-context communication generally expects that managers become personally involved in implementing organizational rules and regulations. In other terms, a sense of micro-management is expected. Sensitivity to those differences has become an important part of human resource management. Additionally, a sensitivity framework has been required by managers due to the fact that different religions and beliefs have become another characteristic of organizational multiculturalism. For example, individuals of different religions require days off work during different days. A good example of this ...

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