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Rolling out entire system versus incremental implementation

In Sykes Enterprises Inc., the company has started to implement changes
in their human resource management systems through the implementation of
new human resource information systems. The goal of the company in
implementing this strategy is to actually improve their payroll and
benefit systems, and at the same time provide some self-help resources
for the employees in terms of compensation and benefit schedules and
enrolment. At the core of this strategy is to improve the capacity of
the human resource staff to achieve their strategic position in the
business in improving the human capital of the Sykes Enterprises Inc
through human resource enhancement programs, job development, and
enhancement of recruitment process. This project was implemented in 2004
(Weatherly, 2005).

One of the problems that the integrated systems have encountered is the
level of use of paper transactions when the system should have minimized
these kinds of transactions. For example, new trainees and new hires are
still asked to fill up forms for their enrolments in key benefits such
as Medicare and insurance packages. The goal of this information system
is to decrease the administrative task that is associated with low-value
transactions such as benefit enrolments and compensation upgrades.

One of the possible improvements in terms of implementing human resource
management systems is the increase in the awareness among employees on
the real benefits of such information systems (Bragg and Roehl, 2000).
The company has failed to sufficiently inform the employees on the help
of online systems in reducing time of inquiry to human resource staff
and in the kinds of processes that could now be done through information
systems of the organization. The company should have laid out each of
the processes of the systems one by one rather than performing full
implementation without training employees about self-help portals that
are usable for the convenience of human resource and the employees

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The company chose to roll out the entire system at once because of several reasons. The one time roll out is extremely cost effective as compared to ...

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The one time roll out is extremely cost effective as compared to step by step roll out.