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    Selecting IT Infrastructure in Healthcare

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    The Harvard Business Review presents a story about Peachtree Healthcare called "Too Far Ahead of the IT Curve?" (attached) and some challenges it faces in IT integration. After the case study's formal presentation, four commentators weigh in on what solutions they would propose. The commentators include a CEO of a large health care organization, an airline CIO, a researcher knowledgeable about service-oriented architecture, and a professor of medicine.

    Read the article until the commentaries, then stop. Before reading the commentaries, jot down a few of your thoughts, ideas, opinions, and relevant experiences related to Peachtree's situation and how you think they should proceed.

    Write a paper, which explains what you would recommend to Peachtree to solve their IT problems as if you were hired as a consultant. Support your recommendations with references and outside citations. Address the following questions:
    1. How did your opinions about what should be done differ before you read the commentaries, and after you read them?
    2. Which of the commentators' opinions made the most sense to you? Why?
    3. Which parts of the recommendations will you use? Which parts of your recommendation are unique?
    4. Provide a full explanation of what you would recommend and why.

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    1. My opinion about what should be done did not differ too much after reading the commentaries because my opinion is a mix bag of recommendations given by the various commentators. In one or the other, these commentators are highlighting the same set of concerns arising in my mind and providing similar kind of recommendations that were visualized by me as well. Each commentator has its own perspective on the situation and recommending solution based on their own perspective of the situation. Each commentator is right in its own way. However, my recommendation is a kind of mixed opinion influenced by the individual thoughts of these commentators.

    2. I think that George Halvorson's and Monte Ford's opinion makes more sense, if seen from a combined perspective. I fully agree with George's opinion that the organization's management should go back to the drawing board, assess their issues, needs and requirements and then evaluate the alternatives. The organization is not paying attention to its core needs and ...

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