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    Customer Relationship Management Installations

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    Many CRM installations have been less than successful. On the other hand, there are many satisfied users of CRM applications. Please help me find at least three examples of companies that are getting real business benefits from their CRM systems and explain their results.

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    I will go into detail regarding CRM's, CRM implementations, their impact on businesses and why they sometimes fail. This should help you gain a more thorough understanding of the subject matter.

    CRM or Customer Relationship Management is an all-encompassing "Management philosophy which aligns organizational goals through the identification and satisfaction of customer needs and wants" (customer relationship management (CRM)). This not only relates to the various software's that enable CRM, but to the methodology as a whole. Using CRM software is not possible (or is inefficient) without the requisite methodology and business organizational plane in place. CRM installations and implementations fail for a number of reasons and most of them have more to do with poor planning and needs analysis rather than faulty software. Even when the underlining software is inadequate the blame may still lie with the implementation team, as they failed to properly vet and test the product before rolling out into the organization. A recent study of the North American market discovered that "over half of all CRM implementations fail to meet their objectives" (Top 10 Factors for CRM Implementation Failure). The major reasons for ...

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