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Human Resource Department for a Lawn Service

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Describe how you would set up a Human Resource Department for a lawn service.

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Lawn Services

According to an article presented on Entrepreneur Media titled "How to start a Lawn Care or Landscaping Business", there is an estimation of over 10,000 lawn care companies in United States. The income potential in this industry is unlimited. Lawn care professionals work in a huge market potential ranging from 77 million aging baby boomer homeowners, who value well-groomed lawns, up to organizations that require lawn maintenance. Servicing these clients require that lawn care entrepreneurs create effective customer satisfaction strategies and establish efficient human resource management practices.

Customer Satisfaction Management

Customer satisfaction management is the ability to maintain a high degree of perceptual excellence in servicing customers. This part of the business is vital because the success of this management component is measured by the number of repeat customers. Since the lawn industry is fundamentally driven by repeat business it is worth making this concept the foundation for building a successful human resource department within a lawn company.

Human Resource Development

There are a variety of methods in setting up a human resource department in the lawn service industry. However, all successful human resource initiatives should contain five basic elements in the creation process. The five aspects are organizational culture, organizational training, organizational safety, organizational recruitment, and organizational innovation.

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