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    Department Restructuring: HR Perspective

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    Case Study:
    You have been tasked to critique the attached questions and determine if the questions are appropriate in redesigning a Human Resource department. The questions would be sent to both employees of the HR department, and stakeholders outside the department - managers/directors/vice presidents outside the department.

    See the attached file.

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    The first suggestion is to ensure questions solicit specific answers and/or relevant feedback. Since there will be a broad audience completing the surveys, questions should be phrased in a manner that makes sense to all - not just employees with the Human Resource (HR) department. I would revise the simple question of "What's working? What's not?" to read "What Human Resource deliverables (i.e. benefits administration, policy/procedure implementation, performance management, employee investigations) are working well? What job duties (HR staff) or HR products (external staff) are not working ...

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    This solution is about 400 words and address several questions in what considerations and procedures should be undertaken when redesigning a Human Resource Department. The solution analyzes how feedback should be solicited from the employees within the affected department, as well as stakeholders and others that will be impacted by the change.