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    Employee Layoff Communication

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    Your company has decided to lay off 10 percent of its workforce to maintain profitability. Although every department has participated in cost-cutting measures, expenses continue to mount, and sales are not where they should be. Your direct supervisor, Shirley Schmidt, has asked you to draft an email that goes to the staff whose jobs are untouched by the layoffs. The goal is to assure key employees that management is in control of the situation. You need to emphasize that your company maintains a strong strategic vision, and that management is convinced of the firm's rosy future in the tech industry. Still, layoffs are necessary to make the company more financially stable. Ever mindful of its people, your company is taking all possible measures to assist those who have lost their jobs. These reductions will help make the firm stronger, says Schmidt.

    In addressing remaining employees, your message should explain the bad news and strive to preserve employee morale. Decide whether to use the direct or indirect approach. Apply as many concepts as possible from the readings. After you've written the letter, write an essay describing how you used the ideas from the readings.

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    To: Employees
    Subject: Rationale for lay-off of 10 percent of the workforce.
    10 percent of our workforce has been laid off because of high costs, and low sales. As the expenses continued to rise it was essential that 10 percent of our employees be laid off. The decision was taken after a thorough analysis of our cost structure, the current market conditions, and the future plans of company. The management after considering all related information has decided to lay-off 10 percent of our employees.

    Our company has a strong vision. The global tech industry is growing at between 4 and 5 percent. Each of the products our company is producing is in the high growth area. Our sales were not satisfactory because our cost structure was wrong. With the current ...

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