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Employee Layoffs

Determine three ways that employee layoffs can affect other employees in the organization. Examine two additional ways that employee layoffs can affect the organization as a whole.

Imagine that you are a manager of the HR department of a company and you are required to lay off one of your employees. Propose two ways that you can ensure you are abiding by the laws that govern employment and ethical practices.

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One of the strong effects of layoff on other employees is decreased performance. The employees do not perform as well as they did before. They possibly felt that fewer employees would lead to lower performance. The second way in which layoffs can affect other employees is low motivation to work. Each employee feels that she may be the next to be laid off. The third way in which layoffs can affect other employee is that they may not be able to complete the daily tasks and functions. They feel that the layoff has reduced their ability to complete important tasks.

If employees are laid off the organization is ...

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