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Employee Characteristics and Culture

1. What employee characteristics are most important?
2. What type of culture is likely to be the end product if layoffs of a company were to proceed?
3. Why is culture important?
4. What are some of the legal and ethical issues that must be kep in mind when making layoff decisions?

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Important Characteristics of employees
Most employers agree that good employees should display: dependability, punctuality, initiative, a positive attitude, ability to get along with others, flexibility, motivation, and the ability to perform assigned duties.
Am I a dependable, loyal employee?
· Do I show up on time for work each day?
· If I am sick or unable to come, do I notify the employer as soon as I know there is a problem?
· Do I speak positively to others about my work and co-workers?
Am I a flexible employee?
· Do I go into work with an attitude that I will try my best at whatever assignment I am given that day?
· Am I willing to take on new assignments or responsibilities?
Am I an employee who takes initiative?
· Do I look around to see what needs to be done at my job, or do I wait each day for duties to be assigned to me?
· Do I continually ask questions to try to learn more, or do I stick to what I already know and have been told?
· Do I suggest changes or new ways of doing things when appropriate?
Am I a positive employee?
· Do I exhibit a positive attitude in all that I do?
· Do I go out of my way to help others, including co-workers, supervisors, customers, and others I interact with?
· Do others seem to enjoy working with me?
Am I a motivated employee?
· Am I eager to go to work?
· Do I try to learn new things about my job?
· Do I try to accomplish the work assigned to me to the best of my ability?
· If I were my employer, would I want to hire someone like me?
· If I were my co-workers, would I want to work with someone like me?
What type of culture is likely to be the end product if layoffs of a company were to proceed?
Besides the negative effects on employee morale, there are a number of good reasons to avoid layoffs wherever possible. To begin with layoffs often have a negative short-term effect on public employer budgets as employer pay out to affected employees for unused ...