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    Bureaucratic Control in Google

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    Identify bureaucratic control in Google
    Give 5 characteristics or pieces of info about bureaucratic control mechanism
    o give 3 positive and 4 negative reactions of employees to the use of bureucratic control
    o Evaluate the effectiveness of bureucratic control mechanisms (Give bullets )

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    Bureaucratic Control Mechanism

    Bureaucratic Control
    Google is known for its adaptability culture that allows its highly talented and versatile engineers to work with fun and enthusiasm. It is the company way to manage the employees that is characterized with its bureaucratic controls, but at the same time, it is also true that company follow the innovative approach. Bureaucratic Controls used by the company are based on an innovative model that allows the engineers to share their ideas and debate about the matters of global significance (Daft, 2009). Bureaucratic Control follows a tolerance level of individualism and independence of the employees that motivate them to find out creative ways to perform a project competitively. There are various controls used at Google. These are as follows:
    Wide span of control: At Google, wide span of control is used as a bureaucratic system that assists the company to ensure a control over the employee performance. Presently, an average manager in the company handles 50 direct reports that reflect the wider span of control (Gitman & McDaniel, 2008).
    Rules and regulations: There are set rules and regulations that are used by the management to operate the business and control performance (Jeffs, 2008). These are as follows:
    • Focus on customers
    • Fast is good in comparison to slow
    • Don't do any evil act
    • Being great is not enough
    Peer to peer ...

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