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    Bureacracy and Control in the Workplace

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    Discuss the problems associated with bureaucratic control. Describe a situation in which you have worked in an organization under bureaucratic control or a situation that you know about where bureaucratic control is used. What do you feel would change in the organization if the bureaucratic control was changed to a control system where the employees were allowed to participate in decisions affecting the organization?

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    As defined by businessdictionary.com, bureaucratic control is:
    "Control of an organization and the individuals that make up the organization through systems of standardized rules, methods, and verification procedures. Bureaucratic control is used to ensure efficient operation of large organizations, where face-to-face communication is not possible or practical and informal methods of enforcing compliance may not be sufficient."

    Large organizations and especially government agencies are known for being bureaucratic. Bureaucracy is an interesting topic, and in my estimation is not entirely a bad thing. I will describe for you my experience in the workforce with bureaucracy, but of course, for the assignment you will have to find your own experiences to draw from. I only hope my narrative will help you identify your own points of reference.

    I have worked for large and small organizations, primarily in the ...

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