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Bureaucratic barriers in homeland security

Is it true that the bureaucratic barriers between intelligence organizations seems to prevent their coordination?

Also is America squandering its opportunities for defense by not making the proper decisions when the opportunity for change arrives?

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Bureacracy, the element of any government that creates the model and process for problem solving and assuring at least some success is cumbersome. This is especially true in a government as large as the United States. If we believe Weber, bureaucracy is a necessary evil. Bureacracy is structure and it is people, and it is the function and protocol along with the hierarchy that makes government function. The Weber view is of people, trained for specific work and doing specific jobs with clear instructions and a formal structure including a hierarchy in place to keep the bureaucracy running (Weber, 1946 from Borgatti, 1996 see link below).

By those definitions, there could be some major barriers between the intelligence organizations. Especially important when one considers that all the agencies have different goals and agendas and the number of them are more than just one or two. When the goals are compatible, the exchange of information should be relatively easy. ...

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A discussion on bureaucratic barriers and missed opportunities in homeland defense.