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Paper on Homeland Security

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I need 250-300 words on the Response Planning Process (Who's included) and
Response Plan Topics (What areas must be addressed in the plan?) as part of my paper. Details below. I also attached what I have so far...

Homeland Security Paper:
Access and familiarize with this site *DHS First Responders at:

Develop a homeland security annex to your local emergency operations plan that includes justification for the plan and the method by which you would develop it. Address: who would you include in the process?
What topics would you include?
How would you identify potential targets?
How would you convince the country commission to fund your local homeland security program?
What state and federal resources would be available?
This will be presented to the county commission to ask for funding for your local homeland security program.

I just need help with the two topics listed above: Response Planning Process Team(250-300words); and Response Plan Topics(250-300words) (references so I can cite the info).

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Response Planning Process

Local response planning process (RPP) for the purpose of efficiency should mirror the functionality and goals set a local level of the current processes in place at the DHS. The key is to bring together local emergency response professionals, the local administration and key local organizations that can form an organized unit of emergency response, administration and accurate information resource. The planning process is akin to an organizational design wherein the structure of the local response unit to threats, be it a terrorist threat, a natural disaster or a large-scale emergency is structured and formulated to ascertain responsibilities, point agencies, flow of authority and command together with medical and law enforcement strategies. Thus, the following agencies and personnel are included in the response planning process:

? Anywhereville's local Homeland Security Office
? Anywhereville's local Emergency Management and Public Safety Office
? Anywhereville's local Health Human & Human Services Office
? Anywhereville's local Red Cross
? Anywhereville's local law enforcement
? Anywhereville's local Government (via the office of the Mayor & the local council)
? Anywhereville's local transportation office
? Anywhereville's local energy office
? Anywhereville's local engineering & communications technology office
? Anywhereville's local ...

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