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    Racial profiling in the war on terrorism

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    Please assist with information and sources so I can research and compile a paper concerning the questions and Title below.

    "Racial profiling in the war on terrorism"

    1. Give a concise introduction to the topic and state the thesis of the paper.
    2. Give a thorough analysis of the ethical implications on the chosen topic.
    3. Give a thorough analysis of the homeland security implications on the chosen topic.
    4. Give a final analysis of the topic, drawing on the stated ethical and homeland security implications, justifying/not justifying its use through the Just War Theory (this should be as objective as possible - it is not an opinion piece).
    5. Give a final conclusion drawing together all research and analysis.

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    Racial profiling

    Racial profiling is the intense practice of discriminating citizens on the basis of their race or ethic factors (Chan 2011). To counter this inhuman act, the intensions of the policing agents should be geared towards the understanding the operation of the entire practice. Inequality for certain groups is the consequence for racial profiling. In a case where racial profiling has occurred to a certain group of people, the trust held to the police unit is lost never to be gained again.

    The victim group will hence forth have a feeling of alienation and insecurity from the police as a legal system and the rest of the society. At the final stage the victim will lose confidence in the police system and have no interest of relating with the rest of the community. The increased racial or ethnic surveillance has caused a lot of havoc in the fight against terrorism. This topic will have to look deeply into the realm of terrorism, to understand the operations than add vigor to it in the world. Terrorism has diverse problems, Challenges and the pending discoveries that are yet to be unfolded. As an area of social scientific studies, it has progressively gained more world attention after the 11 September 2001 scenario in America.

    The exceptional nature of that crime and the successive global war on terrorism has generated an "up-to-the-minute" phase that is progressively gaining popularity. A reliance on inaccurate ...

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    The following posting discusses racial profiling and its implications for ethics and homeland security.