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Critical Issues to Apprehend Criminals Discrimination

There have been instances where law enforcement officials have singled out persons of particular races or ethnicities for security checks citing the necessity of such security measures, specifically in the post-9/11 scenario. Do you think the potential for discrimination outweighs the need for using profiling to apprehend criminals? Why?

If your answer is yes, provide examples of at least five crimes where profiling should not be used because the costs do not outweigh the benefits.

If your answer is no, provide examples of at least five crimes where you think the use of profiling is warranted and unavoidable.

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The potential for alienation and violation of the civil rights of those who face racial profiling definitely outweighs any potential benefits obtained from the practice of racial profiling.

Examples include the stopping of Blacks for Driving While Black wherein the costs of stopping citizens for non-existent or minor traffic infractions that would not result in stops for Whites is high and detrimental to the success of police in catching actual criminals in minority neighborhoods.

Another example ...

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The critical issues to apprehend criminal discrimination are examined.