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Critical Issues in Policing

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5. Critical Issues in Policing
- Dangers of policing
- Less-than-lethal weapons
- Technology used in policing
- Issues of homeland security and law enforcement relationships
- One additional critical issue in policing that is of interest to you

Explain the issue.
Explain how the issue is relevant.

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- Dangers of policing

Policing is a dangerous profession because of the many different issues that police encounter on a daily basis. Officers serving traffic tickets who are hit by errant motorists either distracted or drunk constitutes the highest death rate for police officers. In addition, violent criminals are always a potential call away and the encountering of domestic disputes often turns violent when the two combatants turn their rage and anger toward responding officers. Police must be able to deal with any potential hazard on-the-job and effective training plus proper recruitment of competent professionals ensures that when officers enter their job they possess the qualities to survive or mitigate the many dangers police officers face.

- Less-than-lethal weapons

Less than lethal weapons enable police to prevent the use of deadly force when possible, and this ...

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The critical issues in policing are examined. How the issue is relevant is explained.