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Policing - Technology, Issues, and Dangers

1. What is an example of technology that is used in policing? How does technology impact the ability for police organizations to function at a high level? Is there a better solution for police officers who are against or have difficulty with using technology?
2. What are the issues facing law enforcement today? How do these issues coincide with those of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)? What suggestions do you have to improve the relationship between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and DHS?
3.What are the dangers of policing? How do these dangers impact policing as you look forward to the future of policing? What suggestions do you have to improve safety concerns for the future?

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1. An example of a new technology being used by police is devices such as low jack that enable officers to monitor car thefts through computerized technology such as a Global Positioning System. This technology is revolutionary in law enforcement's fight against criminals attempting to steal cars as the technology has the ability to give officers the exact location of criminals while in the stolen vehicle and shut the car down once they have been located.

Technology has impacted police in many positive ways beginning with the fitting of officers with video dash cams as it clarified and brought truth to many alleged or real incidents of police misconduct. This instilled greater confidence in the public because ...

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The use of technology in policing is discussed.