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Presenting enticing introduction to technology in policing

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Topic: Technology in Policing

Evaluate the topic and predict the issues it may present in the future from the perspective of individual police personnel, police management, and the community

A.)How technology helps policing.

B.)History/explanation on technology in policing.

Assistance is needed with an introduction to this paper, that go with A & B (topic).

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The purpose of the introduction is to establish the topic, most importantly, ". . . the issues it may present in the future from the perspective of individual police personnel, police management, and the community." Then you must let the reader know the way in which you will approach the topic, namely what the latest technology consists of and what it accomplishes. Showing the development of technology will reveal how archaic the first "technical" methods seem to us today. This new technology can range from the simple introduction of the telegraph to the fascinating robot that will be mentioned later here.*

Once you have discussed the advantages and the history of technology, you need to stress the purpose of your essay, its goal. These, you may say, are the latest technical advances (naming them), describing not only how they assist in crime solving, and how they came about, but also how they may affect the officers, administration and ...

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In any introduction it is important to establish: the main topic; the goal of the paper/essay; and enticement for the reader/student to want to continue reading. This solution suggests ways in which one might do so in the topic of modern technology in today's policing, including challenges for those affected by the technology, not only in attitude and training, but also as to whether or not modern technology today is cost -effective.

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I need some ideas and information to get me started. Thank you.

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